All Ranks Academy of Gymnastics
All Ranks Academy Gymnastics 
114 Conway Street , New Bedford , Ma 
Phone number : 774-328-9833

All Ranks Academy Mission Statement

All Ranks Academy will train all gymnast in proper techniques and form for performing gymnastics and cheerleading skills.  Safety is our goal and number one priority.  We will assist individuals to live, culture, and maintain a way of life that fosters confidence, self-worth, pride, sportsmanship, and instills a healthy competitive nature.


1. ARA Fundamentals of Gymnastics





2. Develop Student values -FLIPS






3. Provide competitive level safe equipment and instruction

4. Provide trained and safety certified instructors

Through a long-term commitment to this mission, All Ranks Academy will be known as a company that cares enough to help people START their goal of having fun, becoming physically fit and to embrace their competitive spirit.  OUR members and employees will see All Ranks Academy as a family run and operated business where individuals feel part of a something bigger then themselves.